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How to Upload Images

Step 1: Click "Add Images" button on the top control bar:

Upload defaults to Multi Image Uploader which is Flash based. If you don't have Flash Player 8 or higher installed on your computer you can still upload images using the Single Image Uploader. Click the tab to do so.

Step 2: With the Multi Image Upload tab open, click "Select Image(s) To Upload" button:

File selector dialog box should now appear with your local disk information. Navigate to the location of the images you wish to upload:

Step 3: Select the images you wish to upload, you may select multiple images at once, then click Open. (Note: There might be slight varietions depending on the Operating System you are using):

With the images to be uploaded selected, you are now ready to start the upload.

Step 4: Click the "Upload Images" button to begin the upload process:

While images are being uploaded, you will see progress information in the bottom half of the Multi Image Uploader tab. It may take some time to upload your images, depending on your internet connection and the total size of your images.

Thats all there is to uploading images, easy right?

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